The company OML S.R.L. was set up in 1986 as a precision mechanical engineering workshop and began producing steel, cast-iron and sintered parts, according to customer design, for transmissions, gearboxes and lifting units. Miscellaneous gears, drums, brake discs, shafts, wheel hubs, differential housings, for earthmoving machinery, tractors, ships, railway stock and industrial vehicles. In 1989, the company’s operating systems were renovated. Traditional lathes were replaced by NC lathes. In 1992, the company decided to concentrate on toll manufacturing steel components for automotive industry transmissions, industrial vehicles, earthmoving machinery and tractors which, over the years resulted in significant corporate growth with heavy investments, process renovation using hi-tech systems able to cater for the burgeoning requirements and expectations of customers and, as and from 1995, in the considerable extension of company facilities.

Such growth has brought about ongoing upgrading of the Company System and this has made it possible to promptly cater for customer requirements in terms of quality, expertise and expectations.

The company currently covers a total area of 8000 sq m – 6000 sq m covered and 2000 sq m uncovered. The covered area is split up as follows: 4500 sq m of production department, 500 sq m of warehouse, 500 sq m of office space and 500 sq m for other uses.


O M L S.R.L. Societa' a socio unico I-25080 Molinetto di Mazzano (BS) Via Padana superiore N. 31 - Telefono 030/2629539 - 030/2129466 - Fax 030/2123975 - [email protected]